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2014 Dillenbeck Family Reunion (104th) Picture --

104th Dillenbeck Reunion Photo


2013 Dillenbeck Family Reunion (103rd) Picture --

103rd Dillenbeck Reunion Photo

Pictured left to right front: Cameron and Makensie Dillenbeck
Sitting left to right: Elliot Brodie, Rose Dillenbeck, Dorothy Rantanen, Dave Manclow
Standing left to right: Melodyne Darrow, Barb Kineke, Sandor Kozma, Joe Spine, Sue Manclow, Walter Rantanen, Michael Walker, Sigrid Rantanen, Don Dillenbeck and Steve Darrow

The 103rd annual Dillenbeck Reunion was held Saturday and Sunday in the Mohawk Valley. On Saturday, a group of Dillenbeck descendants toured the restored Peter Kilts farm in Stone Arabia. Skip Barshied, who owns the property and restored it, was the tour guide.

In August of 1750 Peter Kilts purchased this 50 acre lot in the first division of the Stone Arabia Patent from the heirs of Philip Livingston. On October 19, 1780 during the battle of Stone Arabia, it is believed that all buildings on this property were destroyed to discourage the people from supplying General George Washington and his army with grain and food during the war. The buildings were later replaced.

In the 1870’s the Kilts family moved to a farm a short distance south and the original property fell into disrepair over the years. In June of 1965 Willis Barshied Jr., or Skip, purchased the property and for the first time in 215 years it was removed from the Kilts family. Over the years he restored the buildings on the property and even purchased an old shoe shop and an 18th century house frame from other properties and reassembled them on the Kilts property. Among many buildings is an original Dutch barn. Skip has also collected many artifacts from the Palatine era and has them displayed on the property.

After the tour of the Kilts farm the group went to Trinity Lutheran Church for a buffet lunch. The current owner of the Peter Dillenbeck homestead led a tour through the old Dillenbeck house and cemetery after lunch.

On Sunday the reunion closed out with a picnic at Mick and Barb Kineke’s home on Robinson Road in Mohawk. 17 people had lunch that consisted of dishes brought to pass. People attended from Chittenengo, Johnson City, Troy, Herkimer, Frankfort, Fort Plain and Appleton, Wisconsin. There were also two young girls who were from Germany visiting.

Next year the annual reunion will be held on August 9th and 10th. The details of events for next year’s reunion will be available at in May of 2014. All Dillenbeck and Tillapaugh descendants are encouraged to check out the website and to join us each year for the annual reunion.

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large Dillenbeck family crest The Dillenbeck family has been in the United States since 1710 when Jorg Martin Dällenbach came to America. Martin, as he was called, was born about 1690 in "Lauperswil." This small Swiss village is in the Alps mountains a few miles northeast of Bern, Switzerland. Since Martin's arrival, the Dällenbach name has undergone several transformations as the family branched out into the New World. The first change in the name occurred very early (in 1712) when Rev. Joshua Kocherthal, first pastor to the German Lutherans in the colony of New York, recorded the baptism of Martin's daughter Anna Margretha. The father is listed as "Jorg Dillenbach."

Even Rev. Kocherthal was not consistent with his mis-spelling: six months later, he recorded the second marriage of "Joerg Martin Dillenbach."

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